Tips On Lighting Your Bathroom With NeuTypechic

Lighting Your Bathroom

Are you looking for ways to bring the usefulness of the new Neutypechic room mirrors to your bathroom? Whether you own a large bathroom that fits a tub or only has one showerhead, bathroom lighting and decoration are essential. According to interior design experts, you don’t want an overbearing overhead lighting that casts a bright spot on your forehead or shadow under your eyes and face. However, there are no rules, considering the significant differences across existing bathroom designs. The lighting and decoration approach you choose should be based on your unique needs. That said, there are various ways to tweak the lighting in your private sanctuary, ranging from painting to mirrors and actual light heads. Below are some tips on lighting your bathroom with Neutypechic.

What is NeuTypechic?



Although the parent company was launched back in 2012, NeuType mirrors have only been around since 2018. The novel concept combines R&D, production, and sales to ensure customers receive genuine products from the manufacturer. Neutypechic mirrors have become the leading brand in America and boast remarkable sales on Amazon, Home Depot, Wayfair and several other retails. Over the years, the company has provided various kinds of home decoration and lighting mirrors and the collection includes a couple of options for each room you can think of. For the bathroom, you can choose from a wide variety of options and features, depending on your need.

How to use Neutypechic mirrors in your bathrooms

Neutypechic bathroom mirrors boast CE and UL certificates, so you can trust them to meet all the minimum standards required for use in the washroom. There are various options you can install, depending on the bathroom you have. The best examples include the Moise and Mojica touch screen frameless bathroom mirrors. They come in different sizes to help you find a perfect fit for your bathroom. You can also order custom sizes for the dimmable vanity mirrors. Monaghan and Snelling modern vanity mirrors are also excellent choices you can implement for your bathroom. Here are some tips to get the best out of your options:

1. Use Moise and Snelling for small bathrooms



While you can order Neutypechic mirrors in different sizes, the Moise and Snelling models are perfect for space efficiency. If you have a small bathroom that can’t fit a large mirror, you can Moise and Snelling efficient. Snelling is notably smaller and works best for space-limited bathrooms. They can be placed above the sink and offer fantastic lighting to help you with daily tasks, such as brushing, applying makeup, straightening your tie before leaving for work, or setting your hair.

2. Use Monoghan and Mojica on large bathrooms

Mojica LED Touch Screen Dimmable Frameless Lighted Bathroom

Mojica LED Touch Screen Dimmable Frameless Lighted Bathroom

If you have more room in your bathroom, you can instantly install larger mirrors to change the outlook of the existing space. Mojica and Monoghan frameless mirrors offer the ultimate choice for such bathrooms. They feature bright lighting around the edges of the mirror, but you can find various designs to suit your bathroom design. You also have control of the light and its conspicuous size offers the perfect backdrop to see everything in front and behind you.

3. Framed vs. frameless

You can choose framed or frameless mirrors depending on what piques your interest. Frameless models are obviously favored because they are unique. All Neutypechic mirrors and frames are integrated for safety and durability. They also feature silver nitrate coating and anti-rust treatment that prevents oxidation. The final design is frameless and eco-friendly. They may feature lighting around all edges or backlit using LEDs placed on opposite ends of the frame.

Features of Neutypechic bathroom mirrors

Neutypechic bathroom mirrors come bearing various state-of-the-art features. Some are merely for aesthetics, while others extend the functionality of these mirrors to new heights. Here’s a look at the features you will encounter when comparing Neutypechic mirrors for lighting your bathroom:

1. Shatterproof film

All Neutypechic mirrors are multilayered and covered using a shatterproof film to prevent fragments from exploding and causing injuries in case of anything. The multiple layers are sealed using original edge-sealing technology and provide remarkable durability. This added safety feature makes a big difference, especially if you have a large family with children.

2. Dimmable LED lights

This is one of the most attractive features of the piece. Neutypechic bathroom OLED mirrors feature stunning dimmable LED lighting that improves visibility, allowing you to achieve better precision when doing your makeup. The light also creates unique hue around the mirror and can be customized to suit your bathroom’s interior decorations.

3. Ergonomic light controls

The lighting on Neutypechic mirrors is controlled using a round touch button you can use to dim or increase brightness. The mirrors combine sophistication with functionality, providing the conversation piece you’ve been looking for. It instantly changes your room’s outlook and controls are straightforward to use even for a total newbie.

4. Antifogging

Fogging is a common occurrence for glass surfaces, including mirrors. It is caused by condensation, and the bathroom being a highly humid room, your mirror is likely going to fog after those warm baths. The anti-fogging feature can help you prevent fogging. However, the function uses more power, so you should only use it when needed.

5. Magnification

The three times magnifier on the mirror is another exceptional feature you won’t find in most bathroom mirrors. It allows you to zoom in and take a closer look at your body sufficing as the ideal choice for use in a bathroom. The magnifier can be useful when shaving or inspecting your body.


There are several ways to light your bathroom using Neutypechic proprietary mirrors. The technology and design are both impressive, providing a true third-generation accessory for modern bathrooms. You can fit these mirrors on any bathroom to instantly add unique lighting to your space. The lights are also dimmable and boast other features that extend functionality. What’s more, you can customize the mirrors to fit the interior decoration of your bathroom. Make sure you order the right size for your space and go easy on the anti-fogging feature to avoid unnecessary energy bills.

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