Tips On Install NeuType Frameless Wall Mirrors

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NeuType brand has different ranges of functional wall mirrors. They are perfect for checking yourself before you step out. Furthermore, they come in amazing styles for creating ambiance. Wall mirrors give reflection when they are placed next to the window. This means they are the best objects for shining in dark corners. There are various colors and finishes including gold. It will be easy for you to select the right piece that matches your space. This article will guide on the simplest way to install a wall mirror.

Steps to install a Neutype frameless wall mirrors

Frameless mirrors have a unique way to install. Therefore, you should have first time knowledge before you buy the piece. You will be prepared to handle the tool without worries. Here are the steps:

frameless mirror

frameless mirror

Identify the place

Mirrors are attractive when they are placed in a perfect place. There are spaces in the house that you think mirrors will look striking. Henceforth, you need to identify the space. Whether you want to put it in the bathroom, Living room, bedroom, or kitchen you have to determine the specific location.

Mark the place

After you have identified the space, you need to get the precise spot. The position is not important without the light of the mirror. Moreover, the kind of lighting in your room will help you to mark the exact point. If you want to achieve natural light, place it next to the mirror. If it is the bedroom, use the adjacent mirror to get the morning sunshine. Additionally, the dining room will look good if the chandelier’s light reflects the mirror. The position will make the interior look big and cozy. Get someone to help you with marking.

Ensure the spot is straight

Your mirror should be straight to look good. However, you cannot determine a straight line with your bare eyes.  After taking the measurements, use a spirit level to check if the lines are straight. Place the tool on the bottom and top of the markers. It is easy to read the tool, the bubbles inside the tubes should be in the middle of the lines. If it is off the line, continue to adjust until it becomes equal. Moreover, check the drilling markers to make sure the position is correct.

Check bumps on the wall

You have to examine the wall carefully. A good spot should be flat. The bumpy wall is not ideal for mirrors. How do you find a bumpy area? Get something that is longer than a mirror such as a straight board or yardstick. Put it on the wall, you will feel the presence of bump. Mark the spot then sand it. Choosing another spot will consume a lot of time.

Mark the studs

Studs are common in the interior of most households. They assist to support the wall. Get a stud finder by placing it on the wall. Use a pencil to mark the stud’s edges. If you do not have the automatic tool, you have to go the traditional way. You will tap the wall and listen to the sounds. If it is hollow, the stud is available and if it sounds solid the stud is not inside the wall. However, this method is not efficient like using a stud finder.  You should always find an area where the clip will meet with stud.

Drill holes

This process needs a drill to make the holes. Take the drill, place it over the markers, and begin to drill. Be careful not to drill the wrong place. Get a plastic wall anchor in case the pilot holes are not on the studs. Hit the anchor till it goes in the wall, use a screwdriver to screw the holes in the wall.

Identify and mark the top of the mirror clip

Take the spirit level and put it vertically on top of the clip at the bottom. Draw a vertical line on all bottom clips. This line should align with the one on the top edge of your mirror. Mark the spots you want to drill the holes.

Drill pilot holes for the second time

Start to drills holes on the spots you marked. The holes should be direct to the studs. Use wall anchors in case they are not on the studs.

Last step

Slide the piece carefully on the bottom clips. Tilt till it aligns on the wall then screw the pieces to make it farm.

Second option to hang a Neutypechic frameless wall mirror

This method is simple but not effective because your wall can get damages. Check the steps:

Identify the area

Use pencils to mark the top and bottom of the mirror. Use a spirit level to make sure the measurements are straight. Put painter wall on the marked sides.

Sand the wall and put primer

You need to remove the paint on the wall and let the place stay dry. Coat the wall with a primer then leave it dry.

Put wooden brace

Put the wooden brace on the bottom of the mirror. This will help to support the Neutype mirror. Remove the painter’s tape.

Put adhesive

The recommended adhesive is for construction purposes. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before you apply to the object. Leave a space on the mirror’s side when you put adhesive. This will prevent the adhesive to come out when you place the mirror.


This is the last step of the installation guide. Put one side of the mirror on the wood as you lift the other end. Press it on the wall. You can use a painter roller to move. Remove the wooden brace after the mastic has dried.

Final thoughts

You can make use of available space in the house by installing Neutype frameless wall mirrors. They will give your house an artistic look. Besides that, a perfect wall piece should be functional. It should help to improve lighting and offer a bright reflection. NeuType ensures every piece meets the customer’s taste by selling different styles. Wall mirrors can be installed in the living room, bedroom, bedroom, entryways, and fireplace. Additionally, the Installation guide is simple hence you should not worry about hiring an expert. Read carefully the brand’s instructions and go ahead with the installation.

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