Things To Consider While Buying A Wall Mirror

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Wall mirrors help to reflect natural and artificial lighting in the house. In addition to that, they make space look more attractive. Choosing the right piece is a key factor that you have to consider. However, you cannot meet perfect requirements with bare eyes. There are important parameters that you must put in place. As a result, the piece will look more appealing and function well. Besides that, it will complement the overall style of the house. Here are some of the factors to consider while buying a wall mirror.

Things To Consider While Buying A Wall Mirror

1. Type of room

Wall mirrors can be put in all spaces including bedroom, living room, hallway, and bathroom. Here is a breakdown of selecting mirror depending on the type of room:

Bathroom:  choose a wall mirror that has storage to arrange personal effects and cosmetics.  You can light the bathroom mirror by including lighting such as general, accent, and task and decorative. Moreover, do not hang light above the tool seeing that it creates dark shadows. Alternatively, you can check out wall sconces to place on the wall.

Living room:  wall mirrors are the best to place in the living room area. It should blend well with the floor furnishings. Small mirrors look good when used as an extension of the gallery wall. On the contrary, a large mirror can be put above the fireplace.

Bedroom: bedroom mirrors should look brighter because they are used during dressing. Also, it should enhance the style of the room. You can go for a full-length wall mirror that will display your whole body.

Hallway: you need to check yourself before you walk out of the house.  Mirrors make hallways to appear big. Place it next to the front door to create a welcoming look for guests.

2. The shape of the mirror

Wall mirrors come in rectangular, circular, square, geometric, triangular, and irregular shapes. Henceforth you have to pick a shape that will blend with the room’s aesthetic. Round mirrors are ideal for creating a soft appearance. Abstract shapes such as triangular and geometric are great for decoration. Furthermore, the shape suites different spaces, for example, square and round are good when installed in bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms.

3. Size of the mirror

A mirror that is not of the right size makes the room look unbalanced. The mirror can in small, medium, and large sizes. Generally, it is recommended to select a size which is about two-thirds of the size of equipment it will hang above. When it comes to the bathroom, choose a piece that has a similar size with the vanity. Also, you can take the on that it is at least 60% of the vanity. Some brands have customized-size mirror options thus you can get a mirror that has proper dimensions. However, this option will cost you extra money.

4. Mirror frame

Mirror frames are a complex part that you need to be careful about. Some have frames while others are frameless. Homeowners argue that frameless mirrors are simple to style. This is because they can be used in most spaces. On the other hand, framed mirrors add decoration seeing that they come in many aspects. They are made in various materials and styles. The frame is categorized into wood, glass, and metal. These materials are made with many colors and finishes. These factors make it easy to buy a mirror that looks good on available furniture.

5. The mirror surface

Ensure the mirror surface is highly reflective when viewing on the front and side. Quality surfaces are gold, aluminum, or silver.

6. Quality of the mirror

You must check the quality of the mirror. Look at the quality of the glass, the thickness, and coating. Quality mirrors are made with a thick coating. Additionally, the mirror glass should not distort reflection. Lastly, a good mirror should have a ¼ thickness.

7. Price

Neutypechic Glam Oversize Vanity Wall Mirror In Bathroom

Some mirrors are expensive while others are cheap. The cost is determined by factors like materials, finishes, size, and shape. It is important to accumulate some money to get a good mirror than cheap ones which will break.

8. Color

The color of mirrors depends on the background or the wall where it will be placed. If you want to choose the right color, check the style and contrast. Some people prefer dark shades and light shades. Dark shades such as brown, black, grey, and silver matches will all décor. Also, you can choose a universal color like white. These colors are safe if you are not ready to take risks.

9. Style

The style of mirrors has an impact on space. For this reason, the style should be similar to the house style. Here are some of the top mirror styles:

Traditional style: this type of mirror creates elegance and an attractive feeling.

Vintage style: from the vintage, it means that the piece brings an old feeling. They are designed with a touch of yellowish, silvery, and black tone. This piece can fit in a wide range of décor.

Country style: These mirrors are made with natural materials such as wood. They look amazing in rustic style.

Contemporary style: contemporary style is also referred to as modern style design. It comes in shapes such as geometric, round, oval, square, and rectangular. Moreover, it has frames made of wood and metal.

10. Materials

The price of a tool is affected by the type of material. Wall mirrors are coated with materials like wood, metal, glass.  Other finishes are aluminum, silicon nitride, silicon oxides, chrome, gold, and silver. Choose the furnishing which is appropriate depending on the décor.

11. Explosion-proof membrane

A mirror is a fragile tool that can break easily. Damages can cause accidents to vulnerable people at home like children. Make sure you buy a piece that is made with an explosion-proof membrane. This helps to prevent the impacts of self-explosion.

Final thoughts

There are many varieties of wall mirrors available in the market. They are categorized in different designs, sizes, shapes, styles, colors, attractive frames, and surfaces. These factors will ensure the mirror matches with all types of house style. You can follow the mentioned steps to get to achieve a perfect look. On top of that, you have to identify a tool that meets your budget. It will be easy to settle for a good mirror when you already have a budget in mind.

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