The Advantages Of Neutype Vanity Mirror

vanity mirrors in the bathroom

The Neutype Vanity mirror is the perfect mirror to put in your room. It serves as art, creates reflection, and brings a sense of style. Moreover, the mirror comes in several finishes including gold. This helps you to choose the one that will blend with your décor. You can go for a traditional look or modern look depending on your room’s style. This functional piece has comes with several advantages. Let us see some of the top values you need to consider.

Improves lighting

Vanity Mirror Improves lighting

Vanity Mirror Improves lighting

Mirrors are not a source of light but they are best reflectors. The rays bounce back to the piece and add brightness. It is effective even when the sky is dull.  Interior designers argue that mirrors can serve as an aspect of improving light.  Before you buy a mirror, you have to consider the lighting in your interior. Bathroom lighting is not sufficient thus you have to switch on the lights. Vanity mirrors are not only attractive but also functional. They can be used to improve the bathroom’s lighting. Install them opposite the window to create more natural reflection.

Increases vision

Vanity Mirror Increases vision

Vanity Mirror Increases vision

Sufficient lighting in a room helps to increase visibility.  If you have a small window in the bathroom, the amount of light will below. For this reason, the vision will be affected. Vanity mirrors are the best option to increase light in the washroom. They are good reflectors of light. Place them next to the window and you will notice the drastic change. You will be able to get enough vision as you bathe and do your makeup. Also, it will help to save energy and bills.

Creates ambiance

Vanity Mirror creates ambiance

Vanity Mirror creates ambiance

Generally, your interior will change appearance if install a stylish mirror. Today, bathrooms are spacious thus need reflective objects to complement the space. Mirrors have become important in this area and they can be installed on several surfaces.

Different styles and designs

Neutype has a wide range of mirrors in different styles and designs. This will depend on your interior, preferences, and price. The pricing should not scare you because the cost varies.

Bright reflection

Individuals prefer images they see in mirrors than photos. Mirrors cause reflection and display a real image. Nevertheless, some have dull reflections. The vanity mirror is quality products that allow you to see well without straining.

Magnification feature

Most washroom mirrors do not have magnification feature.  These mirrors have three times a magnifier that you will not believe until you try to buy one. You will be able to zoom the image and see yourself closely like 3d pictures. This is an advantage if you are shaving or applying makeup. Furthermore, you will buy it at an affordable cost.

Antifogging feature

The bathroom is a cold environment and water can splash on things. It is annoying to see condensation beneath the mirror.  Besides, it reduces the quality of an image. Many experts know how to get rid of fog but this is not for free. You have to spend a dollar from your pocket.  Thanks to the Neutype brand, you can now buy a mirror without worries. The brand makes a quality mirror and includes an antifogging feature. This makes the mirror to be resistant to fog. You will use the piece with confidence. Nonetheless, the feature cannot be used frequently because it will increase electricity bills.

Led lighting

Neutype brand takes lighting experience to another level. Vanity mirrors come with led lighting. This feature looks amazing in the bathroom’s dé uses less energy and change 95% to light. This means that only 5% of the energy is lost as heat. You can dim to your desired level of brightness.

The light is available in ultraviolent as well as infrared wavelengths which have high output.  In addition to that, this energy-efficient light does not emit radiation. Polluting radiation is dangerous to our health. It is suitable in a cold environment like a bathroom because it resists vibration and shock.


Rust results when an object is exposed to moisture and oxygen. It is easy for an object to get rust when it is in a cold place. The greatest enemy of rust is water and you cannot overcome when you taking a bath. Rust can be avoided when you keep objects dry and clean. However, this is impossible to remember because it consumes time. Neutype has a solution for this issue; the bathroom mirror has anti-rust properties. As a result of this, the mirror is 100% free from rust.

How to use vanity mirrors in the bathroom

Mirrors are available in different designs and sizes for specific space. Here are things to consider:

Mojica and for a spacious bathroom

Mojica and Monaghan for a spacious bathroom

Mojica and Monaghan for a spacious bathroom

Large mirrors can be put in a spacious bathroom to occupy the remaining space. Mojica and Monaghan are great mirrors for large washrooms. They come with unique features and various designs. Select the one that blends well with your interior.

Frameless or framed



Vanity mirrors are categorized into framed and frameless. The choice depends on your taste. Both mirrors are made to be durable and provide safety. Besides that, they are environmentally friendly hence good for health.

Snelling and moise for small bathroom

Snelling and moise for small bathroom

Snelling and moise for small bathroom

There are different sizes of vanity mirrors available in the market.  Moise and snelling are great for the bathroom because of the fewer places. A small bathroom cannot match well with large mirrors. They will consume a lot of space and look unattractive. The pieces can be put above the sink to get lighting. You can use it when you do brush teeth or do makeup.

Final thoughts

Neutype vanity mirrors complement the look of your house. Neutype has a wide range of mirrors with different designs and sizes.  Besides, the amazing pieces are made into shapes such as oval, square, and rectangle. For this reason, it is easy to find the perfect one that is ideal for a room. Furthermore, you can adjust to various angles that meet your preferences. It can be to enhance the reflection of art, pieces of furniture, or as a makeover. Also, you can check yourself in the mirror as you dress for work or dinner dates. It is not possible to notice something wrong with your dress code until you see the reflection.


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