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Neutypechic 163*54CM Classic Rectangle Solid Wood Rounded Floor Mirror

This is a brand new mirror, large size, smooth surface, good effect in reflecting light, creating a ventilated and bright atmosphere, thus visually expanding the space. The four corners of the frame are rounded, safe and lines clean, and are not easily damaged during transportation. Very simple style, with a bracket behind it. You can place anywhere in your home, it will become an attractive decoration at home.

Neutypechic 163*54CM Classic Retro Large Full Length Floor Mirror In Living Room Walkway

This mirror is our new product, with a wide-edged design style frame with a front width of 2.2inch. The frame is a vertical stripe design that runs parallel to each other, with smooth lines, classic style, stylish and timeless. This full length mirror is equipped with a bracket, which provides flexibility and can be placed anywhere in the home or leaned against the wall. There are four colors to choose from: black, natural, brown, and oil-bronze. Each color has its own characteristics, which suits your different home improvement styles and meets your needs. This mirror can make your life more fun and enjoy your life.