Neutype Tells You How To Clean The Mirror 

mirror cleaning

Mirrors can quickly and unnoticeably build up grime, dust, and gunks, making them lose their usual appealing and attractive appearance. Mostly mirrors in our bathrooms tend to accumulate layers of the overall sprinkled toothpaste, hairspray, and bathroom products we use there.

Such a scenario can undoubtedly worsen using dirty water that causes calcium deposits and lime to build up. However, consider your problem solved once you reach out to the mirror cleaning experts. If there is a hard deposit on your mirror, we can tell you the solution, use the right equipment to deal with the stain, your mirror will regain its initial state in a twinkle of an eye.

But, if you’re the kind of “I can do it by myself,” well, we have sorted you out. We have prepared a detailed guide on how you can clean your mirrors without breaking it.

How to clean the mirror properly?

1. Asses the dirt on the mirror

The different varying levels of dust on the mirror will require different cleaning methods. Make sure your mirrors are dirty. Inspect your mirrors for any stains, dirty spots, and smudges.  Depending on where the mirror is, it may have accumulated dirt that would require special cleaning. If your mirrors are grime, most probably, limescale and calcium deposits are likely the cause. And a home-based cleaning agent like vinegar and hot water-based cleaning method will help you through the cleaning process with minimal energy and fewer resources. A quick way to keep your mirrors shining regularly, use hot water, and buff your mirror, making them streak-free and gleaming surfaces.

2. Choosing cleaning materials 

Neutype attaches great importance to the preparation before cleaning the mirror.  If you intend to use readily available material like regular rags and paper towels, your mirrors may develop scratches due to the rough material used over time. So when it comes to grime mirrors, the use of fiber and hot water is the ideal pack to clean mirrors. However, make sure to include the following in your cleaning package: a bucket, cotton cleaning rag, water and vinegar, and a sheet of newspaper.

3. Mixing up mirror cleaner 

Neutype recommends the use of premade mirror cleaners that are readily available at most outlets. Advisably, go for the white vinegar as is the most affordable secure mirror cleaner. It cuts off the mirror builds up quickly.

Here are the steps in making simple white vinegar:

  • Ensure you have soft water. In case you have hard water, distilled to make it soft and prevent leaving stains if you use it.
  • Dilute one cup of white vinegar in a bucket with four cups of hot water
  • Pour your mixed mirror cleaner in a spray bottle found in most stores to help you mist your mirrors with your cleaning solution.

4. Cleaning mirrors so they shin

If your mirrors are too grimy, they can be sorted out within a short time if you wet the mirrors with warm water and rub them dry with a fiber Piece of cloth. However, if the grim persist, use the dilute white vinegar and use the cotton cleaning rag to wipe out the mirror surfaces.wet the cotton cleaning rag with the white vinegar and try out wringing the additional moisture. Do not make it too wet as the microfiber may not work if there is excess wetting of the cotton cleaning rag.

Fold your fiber cloth in such a way that you can use it more than twice once you realize one side is getting dirty. Be keen on every part of the mirror and clean the frame’s corners, especially parts that dirt builds up and hard to notice. Clean from top to bottom to prevent the occurrence of drip marks. We recommend side to side and top to bottom cleaning and not circular cleaning as it leaves streaks and spots.

For better results, buff your mirrors surfaces using a sheet of newspaper. This is an effective technology tested by Neutype to clean the mirror.

Cleaning a Cloudy Mirror

When a mirror is cloudy, it loses its attractiveness with smudges and streaks deemed to get off. And when you clean so hard to get them, you get frustrated, realizing they only transfer to other parts of the window. Follow these tips by Neutype to revive the beauty of your mirrors.

Tip 1: Vinegar and newspaper

Using a spray bottle, pour vinegar over the cloudy window but not on the frame, especially if its wooden frame. Using a crumpled newspaper, wipe the mirror while applying enough strength until you see the mirror shine.

Tip 2: use of shaving cream 

Apply the ordinary shaving cream to fiber cloth and wipe your mirror. Buff your mirror till the cloudy disappears. However, if the cloud tends to persist, repeat the process until you see the results.

Tip 3: use red rogue

Go to the nearby jewelry store and ask for a red rouge in powder form: it polish lenses and metallic jewelry. Rub your red rogue on the cloudy part of the mirror and wipe it using a fiber cloth. With red rogue, it may seem time-consuming, especially if the dirt seems embedded. But keep cleaning until you are pleased.

Tip 4: use a paint scraper 

Paint like residue on your mirror may make it appear cloudy; our expert recommends using a paint scraper to remove the rubble of the mirror without causing any scratches on the mirror.


A mirror is something you have put a lot of resources in, starting from buying expense, installation cost, and so should be taken care of. It would be best if you kept it attractive and shinning to serve the intended purpose. Neutype thought the best way to keep the mirror glowing is to give it regular cleaning and maintenance. So, Neutype recommended cleaning of the mirror regularly to keep smudges and streaks off. And in case you get stuck, you can always contact us for guidance and cleaning of your mirrors. Neutype team will always keep in touch with you to solve your worries.

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