How to Pick and Hang Your Bathroom Mirror Perfectly?

hang a bathroom mirror

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Mirrors used to be a good element to decorate any room. However, in the bathroom, the mirror is a vital element. In addition to increasing the sense of fashion, bathroom mirrors are also indispensable when preparing to face your day.

Trending Types of Bathroom Mirrors

There exist several bathroom mirrors, but one has to be careful when choosing one. Since the bathroom is full of moisture, do not use regular mirrors because they can’t hold up to the humidity. The most known types of bathroom mirrors include a lot of variety. It includes framed, lighted, and ledged mirrors. If you want size-specific mirrors, you have pivot and extension mirrors. You can also consider the captain’s mirror and vanity mirrors.

These are so many; enough to confuse an ordinary buyer. Well, you can pick the mirror based on your preferences.

What Are the Uses of Bathroom Mirrors?

The main uses of bathroom mirrors range from applying makeup, shaving, checking your overall appearance to many more than you could think of. Before choosing not to have one in your bathroom, check out the following benefits, and it’s assured that you will change your mind.

  • Create the Illusion of More Space: In many homes, bathrooms tend to be small, especially the guest bathroom. Adding a mirror over the sink will help to add depth to space.
  • A Simple Solution for Artwork: Bathroom artwork is not an easy task. If you happen to have a window, placing the mirror opposite the window will create an artwork illusion.
  • Adding Light: Well, mirrors are and remain to be an excellent way of adding light to a dark space, especially a bathroom with now windows.
  • Hiding Storage Space: Small bathrooms will lack storage space. For this, a mirrored wall cabinet comes in handy. You can even fix a medicine cabinet and install a mirror on it. As a result, nobody will notice.
  • Added Style: There exist many different styles of mirrors. Among them are contemporary, antique, modern, traditional, and vintage. With these many types, you will be sure to find a mirror that meets your bathroom’s style expectations.
  • Hygienic Benefits: Without a mirror, you won’t know if you have food stuck on your teeth. For a perfect and closer shave, that shiny smile, that groomed hair, they all need a mirror.
  • Endless Possibilities: When it comes to style, shape, size, color, you can work with all these with just a single mirror and remodel your bathroom according to the needs.

It is evident that with this new enlightening, you can’t choose to lack a bathroom mirror and customize it to represent your desires fully. So, it should be your next project to give your bathroom a new taste and style.

How to Pick the Right Bathroom Mirror for Yourself or the Family?

As mentioned earlier, the bathroom is full of moisture, and you need to be careful when choosing a bathroom mirror. Choosing a bathroom mirror can be tricky, and there might be many factors you will need to evaluate for this. Here are some valuable yet actionable tips for getting the correct bathroom mirror for your family.

  1. Check the Label: Go for frameless or bevel-edged mirrors with a specific label “moisture resistant.”
  2. Analyze the Space: Contemporary spaces call for sleek finishes with a large format. For tiny bathrooms, go for large mirrors and oversized ones to extend the space visually.
  3. Make Comparisons: Compare single versus multiple. For wide vanities, especially the ones with various sinks, choose multiple mirrors. Likewise, a single mirror that is wide enough can also serve the purpose.
  4. Choose the Size: The size of your mirror goes hand in hand with function and proportion. To achieve a bathroom mirror with a balanced look, you will have to size your mirror to your vanity.

The Correct Steps to Install a Bathroom Mirrors

When it comes to installing or hanging a bathroom mirror, we all look forward to a stunning finish without seeing ugly explicit plastic clips that tend to be visually distracting. Installing a mirror sounds like a simple process, but it requires some expertise and help, depending on your mirror’s size and placement. Listed below are the correct steps to install a bathroom mirror.

Step 1: Take Measurements

You need to make a detailed write-up of your space and the mirror you want to install. Take note of the horizontal and vertical areas, bottoms, tops, widths, lengths, and heights. Use something that can be easily rubbed off like a pencil to avoid leaving ugly marks on your mirror.

Step 2: Do a Dry and Fit

This second step ensures your mirror fits impeccably. Dry and fit is very critical for a quality, compact, and professional finish. When doing this, align your mirror centrally to your cut-out. Double-check all your corners to ensure proper placement and mark all the sides.

Step 3: Applying Mastic

Make a swirling flower-type shape around the cut-out. Apply the mastic carefully in a way that it doesn’t ooze out since you already did a dry and fit. Keep applying in circles up to a thickness that you desire.

Step 4: Hang the Mirror

With mastic applied, place your mirror carefully and then gently push it into position on your wall. Keep pressing it firmly against the wall until the mirror stays in place. Extra screws can also help the mirror to remain compact. For massive mirrors, ask for help to achieve that compactness and excellent finish.

Final Thoughts!

Update your bathroom with a new bathroom Neutype mirror. You can choose from the available varieties at NeutypeChic. It includes an LED mirror, round mirror, gold Mirror, geometric mirror, mirror sets square mirror, decorative mirrors, and many more. Remember to follow the correct steps when installing your mirror to avoid minor accidents in your bathroom.

Sit back, choose one of the Neutypechic mirrors, and start transforming that small bathroom space. In case you have any doubts about how to go about it, you would better hire a professional.

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  1. Kate Hansen says:

    It was really helpful when you said to need to size the mirror so that you can have a balanced look. My sister was telling me last night about how she and her husband are wanting to look into choosing a custom mirror for their bathroom, and they want to make sure that they can choose the right one for them. I’ll make sure to pass these tips along to her so that she can know more tips about choosing a custom bathroom mirror.

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