How Does Neutype Pack The Mirror For Transportation?

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If you want to buy a mirror online, do you worry about its packaging and transportation safety? And do you mind the bad luck that would occur if you decide to pack your mirror by yourself?

Well, thanks to Neutype Company, that will help you in moving any size of mirrors while maintaining frame protection. Large mirrors can cost you a lot to replace them once they brake. Their frames get damaged easily, reflecting surface brings scratching or even get shuttered into the piece because of a simple mistake. Consequently, this makes things thicker than they would be in the first place, particularly if your framed mirrors have sentimental value.

Safety Mirror

Safety Mirror

Now, the big question remains, what’s the perfect way and procedure to pack mirrors?

Recall the key thing here is ideal and adequate mirror protection. The procedure below shows why we are the most acknowledged mirrors packers in the town. You have all the reasons to work with us in ensuring the safety of your mirrors.

What’s the perfect way and procedure to pack mirrors?

1. Organize the requisite packaging materials

The first step that is the pillar of the rest, is to get all the materials we may need. Irrespective of the mirror’s size and mass, we as Neutype use packaging material, such as bubble wrap, brown packing paper, a tape, a box, moving cushions, and a marker. We do not advocate for the use of packaging peanuts, as they tend to change in travel. As a consequence, expose parts of your item to actual risks. However, the crumpled paper may be an adequate replacement.

In case you have a tight budget, don’t get worried as we improvise some materials, and the mirror itself uses explosion-proof membrane safety technology. For instance, we can use a towel in place of cushions and take small boxes and combine them to make a big one. Likewise, we can also form a cardboard “sleeve” to replace a package by joining the cardboard pieces together using tape. We always ensure your mirrors are safe while minimizing the material cost.

Explosion-Proof Mirror

Explosion-Proof Mirror

2. Preparing of the packing area

Before we embark on the real action of parking mirrors, we usually set up the place where we shall pack from. We start by clearing a table that is big enough where we do packing for our clients.  With our expert’s cooperation, we place a thick blanket that serves a soft cushion in the course of packing. And finally, place a stack of papers in the middle of the table.

3. Wrapping up your mirror

Depending on what you have for wrapping your mirror, we use double-layer honeycomb panels that exhibit excellent results in energy absorption during transportation or a bubble wrap and cover the mirror a few times and tape it up securely. A top tip we typically apply when storing your wooden framed mirror is pro wrap instead of bubble wrap. This helps in preventing damage to the mirror in case of extreme temperatures during transportation.

4. Do the “X” mark using tape to enhance protection

Using a painters tape; we make a big “X” mark on the mirror from corner to corner. It helps in keeping the mirror in place in case anything happens during transit and prevents braking. Likewise, you can run the tape horizontally and vertically along the mirror surface in a pattern that most likely will protect the mirror.

We always use this “X” tape making a precautionary measure, although, with our packing mechanism, chances that anything will happen to your mirrors are minimal.

5. Protecting corners

Mirror Frame

Mirror Frame

Suppose mirrors are frameless, as Neutype, we are careful when wrapping. If you don’t have cardboard corners, our team can cut the cardboard pieces, fitting the corners and tape them carefully on the mirror to avoid movement.

The cardboard taping guards the corners of the mirror and your hands. If you have a large mirror, we use a cardboard piece at the center of the mirror for more effortless movement.

6. Loading mirror into the moving box

Sliding the mirror into the half carton, our team of experts adjusts the sides making sure they’re near fit the mirror frames. If we find it necessary, we can apply any additional material for paddings such as pearl cotton packaging or bubble wrap to seal any empty spaces. Besides, we usually use tape to guard the first half portion of the final bundle.

Inserting the second interconnected bubbled wrap padded, but not taped cardboard from the top, we meet the two half pieces in the middle, then close fit the top one by adjusting it while adding padding materials. This way, we ensure that your mirror is well cushioned and completely protected as they are on transit.

7. Testing and labeling the mirror package box

Before we do the final taping, we first test the safety of your package. Our professionals communally lift the packed bundle in the air and shake it slightly and carefully. If at all we did it well, we should not get anything shaking inside. The full mirrors should be immobile. And if we happened to hear any movement from inside, we keep adding padding materials till the issue is fixed.

Once we confirm that all is well, we do plenty of taping to safeguard the whole package. We are generous with taping during this stage as we ensure everything is intact, hence avoiding any transportation risks to your mirrors.

Eventually, we do the packaging box labeling using a permanent marker pen to enhance the process of unpacking.

Final thoughts

Hoping our tips on how we do mirror packing have moved you and help you in some way. This is just an overview of what we do as long as your mirror’s safety is concerned. Should you have any questions or feel that you need to talk to us before anything else, kindly lets us know. Reach out to us as we take pleasure talking to you.

If you want to buy a mirror online and worry about its transportation safety, please rest assured, you can always contact Neutype professional mirrors manufacturers for swift and flexible services. We can offer 100% protection to your mirrors and guarantee safe arrival.

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