Guide To Install Neutype LED Mirror

Led Bathroom Mirror

Installation of the LED mirror is a key factor for homeowners. The pieces are used in the bathroom space. It is not possible to see minor blemishes on the face on a lower quality mirror. Neutype brand has the quality and affordable LED mirrors that come with a variety of advantages.

Installing LED mirror produces a bright reflection to reach out to hidden spaces. Also, LED mirrors serve as ambient light seeing that it reflects light from outside. For this reason, it will be perfect when you put it next to the window.  Besides that, the mirror is designed with a self-explosion proof membrane for safety reasons. When you buy an LED mirror from the Neutypechic website, you must know how to install it safely and correctly. The following is a guide to install the LED mirror.

Neutype LED Mirror

Neutype LED Mirror

A simple installation guide of LED mirror:   

1. Remove the mirror from the box

The first step is to remove the piece from the original package.  You should be cautious during this process. Use a pair of scissors to open the box carefully. Hold the piece slowly and set it above the box as you continue with the other steps.

2. Prepare the installation

You have to set aside all the requirements needed during installation. Read through the instructions and check if the pieces are available while referring to the instructions. The next procedure is checking the power line and voltage. Use a voltage detector or multimeter to check the level.

Led Mirror Installation

Led Mirror Installation

3. Electrical connection

The recommended electrical connection to the LED mirror must be from Romex standard house wiring. Also, an alternative option can be from 14/2 or 12/2 standard light switch.  Romex is common for home lighting and it is approved by the National electrical code.  The cables support equipment which can cause damage. In addition to that, they are permanent wiring that cannot sag like other cables.

4. Locate house circuit wiring

Generally, a house circuit wiring is located in the middle of the wall where the piece will be put. If you want to do wiring before you get the order, ensure the house wiring should be at least 4 inches from the center of the LED mirror. This will ensure maximum safety. Besides that, Neutype has various wiring inches on the mirror frame. This helps every homeowner to get correct measurements to connect with the power in the house. Let us see examples of the measurements:

  • Side-lighted mirrors: the dimension of the mounting bar from the top of the frame is 4.25 inches. The outside part of the frame measures 2.5 inches.
  • Front-lighted mirrors: the mounting bar measures about 8 inches. Additionally, the outside frame measures 1 inch and the inner frame is 4.75 inches.

5. Mounting

You should assemble screw and plastic wall mounting anchors.  Use the two appliances to put the aluminum frame on the wall. Check the mirror dimensions to ensure the frame is at the correct level. It is annoying to realize your mirror is straight after you have spent hours installing. For this reason, you can use a spirit level to establish the right positions. If the frame does not align with the mirror, take your time to adjust positions until you achieve it.

6. Wiring

This part is complex to a person who does not know about electricity. Consider hiring a qualified electrician if you are not sure about the wiring.  It is better to spend an extra budget on an electrician than taking risks. Firstly, you need to turn off the circuit breaker. Connect the house wires to the extending wires on the frame. Mirrors come with different ground wire.  Follow the steps below:

  • Presence of green ground wire: connect the white wire to white wire, black to the black wire, and connect green to the copper wire of the house.
  • Lack of green ground wire: take the blue wire on the mirror and connect it white wire of the house, connect the brown wire of the mirror to the black house wire.

7. Hang the mirror

Switch on the switch to make sure you have done correct wiring. Attach the mirror on the frame. Lastly, get rid of the protectors on the front pa of the mirror.

When the mirror hangs on the wall, the installation of the mirror is completed. Next, you can perform some simple cleaning and maintenance of the LED mirror to make it more beautiful and durable.

LED Bathroom Mirror With Lights

LED Bathroom Mirror With Lights

How to clean and maintain LED mirrors? 

1. Clean the front of the mirror

Cleaning products like vinegar, alcohol-based liquids, and regular producers are common to most homes.  However, acidic cleansers are not ideal for mirrors. This is because they destroy the soft surface and cause scratches as well as roughness. Henceforth, you are required to use an ammonia-free window cleaner on the front mirror after installation.

2. Clean the frame

Frames come in different materials including metals. These materials can become sensitive if you do not use correct cleaning products. The can wear and look old fast. As a result of this, If your LED mirror has a frame, you need a cleanser that will make the mirror sparkle and last for years. After mounting the mirror on the frame, there is a possibility of the frames getting dirty. Therefore, you have to use the original squeeze can remove dirt.  Clean it carefully and ensure you do not touch the front part of the piece.

LED Mirror Installation

LED Mirror Installation

3. Take care of your LED mirror 

  • The mirror should always keep the mirror dry. Moisture is an enemy of mirrors and electricity.  Exposure to water can result in damage to materials and form layers that can be hard to remove.
  • Keep the mirror away from heat appliances like water and steam pipes. This can be done by installing the tool on a perfect position.
  • Do not use cleansing products like vinegar to clean your equipment.
  • Small stains such as makeups, soaps, and toothpaste should be removed by warm water and paper towels to remove. This procedure is simple and causes damages.
  • Dust and dirt are common to accumulate tools. Use a microfiber towel and remove the dust repeatedly. Apply a cleansing product to return the sparkle.
  • Never use a spray as a cleaning product.

Final thoughts

Neutype LED mirrors are one of the easy to install mirrors at home. Follow the mentioned tips to create a luxury look.  Moreover, Neutype has a range of LED mirrors to fit all types of bathrooms.  Besides that, homeowners desire to buy alternative equipment that saves energy.  The mirror is environmentally friendly and uses natural features to create perfect reflection. On top of that, it has an explosion-proof membrane for safety purposes. This is a great advantage that is not found in other bathroom equipment. In addition, if you have any questions about mirror installation, please feel free to contact Neutype.

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