5 Top Tips In Buying Quality Mirrors

neutypechic mirror

Having the right mirror on the wall can add taste to your space. This is why having a quality mirror is as important as the design of your house. Furthermore, they can improve the lighting quality of your house or create an illusion of a big space for a smaller room. Neutype mirrors are among the most preferred mirrors by homeowners. This is because they are high-quality and can easily blend in with various home décor styles.

floor mirror

floor mirror

We have done some research and managed to come up with 5 powerful tips that will help you get a quality mirror. Follow these tips if you want to get a quality mirror that will compliment your style, space, and lighting.

Buying tips for quality mirror

1. Budget

Let’s face it, the more expensive the mirror the higher the quality. I know it’s hard to admit but that’s the truth. But this does not mean that the price tag guarantees the quality. This is why you need to consider so many other factors but still having the price as your guide.

Start by setting aside a good budget if you want a good quality mirror. Remember that the more you are willing to spend, the greater the chances for you to get premium material. Inexpensive mirrors tend to break and distort reflection. This might force you to replace mirrors regularly hence you end up wasting a lot of cash.

round mirror

round mirror

On the other end buying a high-quality mirror saves you time and money since it’s a one-time investment. Remember to set aside a good budget to hire experts if what you want is a custom mirror.

2. Go for high-quality mirror glass

You need to consider the following three factors before buying a mirror. I.e. Mirror silvering, thickness, and glass quality.

Glass quality: This is mainly determined by the manufacturing process and the quality of raw materials used. You can easily identify a poor mirror by looking for inconsistencies in its make up or whether it’s distorting a reflection. If you are looking for a high-quality mirror, then Neutype is the best choice for you. This mirror is crafted following a complex manufacturing process hence making it durable.

Mirror thickness: The overall quality of the mirror can greatly be influenced by its thickness. Home application mirrors are available in 3/16, 1/8, and ¼ inch when it comes to thickness.  If you need the best quality then you should set aside a good budget for the ¼ inch mirror. This kind of mirror will not distort reflection regardless of the wall that it is mounted on.

mirror thickness

mirror thickness

Mirror Silvering: A mirror is only a piece of glass that contains a coating on one side. The coating is the one responsible for reflection and not the glass. Besides, many materials can be used to make the coating but a mixture of silver nitrate with other chemicals is the most common. Choose a mirror with higher quality and thin coatings.

3. Accurate measurements are very important

Another important factor to consider before buying a mirror is the measurements. This should be the first thing you should do before even you visit the local mirror retailer or home décor store. Take measurements of the space that you want to place the mirror. This step is very important because you will be able to buy a fitting mirror. So you will not waste any time returning mirrors if they don’t fit. Neutype comes in different sizes and frames so that they can fit into many different styles.

Why the mirror size is important

  • If you use a small mirror in a very big space then it will look lost and insignificant.
  • Smaller mirrors can be used in groups but you must have the bigger picture in your mind. This can be used as your room’s focal point. Another important thing about small mirrors is that they can be used as ascents. I.e. reflecting important things or catching the light.
  • A big mirror is the best for creating a focal point in the room. Just make sure is big enough and in a nice frame that makes it noticeable.
  • Background mirrors do not require any frame since it can draw all the attention. So if you want a mirror to be your background, choose the extra-large one.

4. Find a shape that is best for you

Apart from taking the measurements of your space, you need to buy the perfect shape. This is because shape plays an important when it comes to defining any space. For example, it can create beautiful illusions, accentuate your things, or create a good mood.

A tall vertical shape accentuates the height because it makes the eye travel up. On the other hand, a long horizontal shape accentuates the width as the eye sweeps along the line. You can also choose an angular shape such as a rectangle or square that will produce an orderly restrained look. Neutype mirrors come in different shapes and styles.

If you want a whimsical look, try using a curved or rounded frame. Alternatively, you can create the shape of your choice by grouping several mirrors.

5. Take your time when shopping

Best choices are made when one is not in a rush. This will allow you to digest all the factors that we have discussed above for your target mirrors. So take as much time as you want to go through the stores until you find the perfect mirror for your room. A mirror is an essential item for your office or home and so you choose carefully. Buying mirrors in a rush can lead to a bad choice.

6. Bonus tip

Installation of the mirror matters in the final outlook. So you need to hire qualified people, especially when dealing with custom mirrors. Don’t let a good mirror be spoilt by someone that does know what they are doing. There are so many manufacturers out there so getting someone to do the installation of the custom mirror doesn’t have to be a problem.


Buying a quality mirror depends on a few factors such as accurate measurements, construction, and installation.  Follow these steps if you want to buy the best mirror for your home or office. Also, remember that other things such as the shape and size also can change your space. For example, big mirrors in a small space can create an illusion of a big space. We highly recommend the Neutype mirror as it meets all the factors that we have discussed above. More things to consider when buying a mirror please check this blog.

2 thoughts on “5 Top Tips In Buying Quality Mirrors

  1. It’s great that you mentioned that a mirror could accentuate space and define it, which is why it’s crucial to purchase the right shape. Two weeks ago, I recently moved into a new apartment, and I plan to purchase a big mirror for it. I’ll consider what you said and shop for the perfect mirror soon. Thanks.

  2. You made a good point when you mentioned that it is important to choose the right size of a mirror that fits nicely in the area where you have planned to locate it. My wife and I just moved to a new apartment last week and we are in the midst of decorating our room in order to make it look lively and comfortable for us. I will keep in mind to measure the right size of a mirror that will fit nicely at the corner of our room.

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